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Sorry for not reporting about this before, but 2013 Sundance Film Festival also selected “Lovelace” for the festival. Juno is not mentioned as ‘principal cast’ but she did spend a few days on set of the movie so let’s hope her part made it into the final cut.

Lovelace tells the story behind the phenomenon. Fleeing her strict religious family, Linda Boreman falls for charismatic hustler Chuck Traynor, who launches her pornography career. Reborn as “Linda Lovelace,” the charming girl next door skyrockets to international sensation with her uncanny capacity for fellatio. Fully inhabiting this new identity, Linda becomes a spokesperson for sexual freedom and hedonism. But six years later, she reveals a far more sinister narrative—the dark secrets of her own life story.

The individual pages for the movies are also online at the official website of Sundance with more additional information. Afternoon Delight and Magic, Magic are having their first screenings on January 21st and Lovelace will follow the next day on January 22nd.